hey, I'm Damian

I am a full-stack web developer

About Me

Self taught, location independent freelance full stack developer.

Can help you with building:

  • mobile friendly websites with fancy animation and CSS effects
  • single page application with interactive UI (React)
  • more powerful, database driven web apps with REST API (Express, MongoDB)
  • a mobile app (React Native or PWA) application deployment.

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 What can I do

Web Application

Full Stack Web Applications

  • building advanced front end applications with HTML5 CSS JavaScript Bootstrap and ReactJS
  • using Redux for larger applications that require managing 3rd party tools to manage theirs state
  • building backend applications, APIs, Microservices with Express and NodeJS
  • working with databases using both SQL and ORM
  • deploying and maintain projects Heroku, GoogleCloud
Mobile application

Mobile Applications

  • building mobile applications with web technologies using React Native
  • creating Progressive Web Application
Test passed

Software Test Automation

I have several years of experience with sotware test automation. I can help you with:
  • setting up and configuring framework for end-to-end testing with Selenium Webdriver or Protractor
  • if you need your test to act as a specification - I can help you integrate BDD tool Cucumber into your framework
  • creating integration tests for your APIs with Rest Assured
  • organizing tests into suites for Regression or Smoke Test
  • finally integrate tests suites into CI/CD pipelines and configure tools for capturing test results and generating test execution reports

Issue Tracker


Portfolio Website

Issue Tracker

ReactJS Redux Bootstrap Express NodeJS REST Mongo

Description: implified bugtracker tool. Allows managing and maintaining list of issues. Frontend build with ReactJS, Redux and Bootstrap. Data is served through REST api, built with Express JS, secured with JWT and HelmetJS. Data is stored in MongoDB.


ReactJS Redux Bootstrap Express NodeJS REST Mongo

Description: Simple content rating and discussion application. Web client build with React, Redux and Bootstrap. UI is responsive. Optimized both for desktop and mobile browsers. Server application, a REST api, built with Express JS, secured with JWT and HelmetJS. Data is stored in MongoDB.

Portfolio Website

CSS3 HTML5 Bootstrap Canva JacaScript Animations GIMP

Description: My own portfolio website. I designed it myself using Canva and built it with vanilla JavaScript, HTML and CSS. I used GIMP for editing graphics, Animate.css and AOS (Animate On Scroll) to add nice looking animations.

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